Move the fuck back

The bus is filling up. You are abled bodied … why aren’t you moving to  the back? You forced 6 people to stand UNSAFELY across the line. Then when people try to get by you won’t even move?

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? You selfish sack of shit. If you won’t move back; allow people to pass.

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Went for a walk around Halifax on Sunday

Apparently a cat lives in Point Pleasant Park

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Papercut Installation by UfoCinque

on Flickr

Matteo Capobianco, aka Ufo5, was born in Novara in 1981. Originally an active member of the Italian writing scene, he gradually began to embrace a more extensive definition of street art while completing his design studies at the Politecnico of Milan.

As a firm believer in the endless possibilities of the mural as a communication tool, Matteo began to experiment with different techniques beyond the restrictions that writing as a codified subculture was putting in place.

Central to Ufocinque’s vision is his layering tehcnique: each element blending traditional painting techniques with a project-oriented attitude in which multiple levels of interpretation are intertwined together. Form is never detached from function as they are sustaining each other to create an effortlessly beautiful world.

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